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Dear Stranger!

Perhaps messages from the Future are not the order of the day, but this day is a special one. My name is Paul VII and I am descended from a founder of Bitstrong Interplanetary Corporation.

Today is June, 12, 2721. And today I am sending you this message. I don’t know when you will get it – it may be 2018 or so. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet embraced the technology of dispatching messages for exact days.

I would like to tell you about Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency of the future.

You must know what Bitcoin is. It has been created about ten years before you read this message. In the days when you read my letter 1 BTC is most likely worth no more than a small airliner, one of those jet-powered planes which once have been flying to and fro.

I guess that even in your days a story of Laszlo Hanyecz who has bought two toilet paper rolls for as much as 10,000 BTC, sounds quaint. Though some say that he has bought something else, we’ll never know the truth. The international computer net has been totally destroyed several times and nearly all original data has been lost. Now we know that only a few Wikipedia databases preserved in special storages have been successfully restored.

You are wondering: what about Bitcoin? It has survived due to decentralization. Since databases were copied and distributed all over the world, each time nets were destroyed, Bitcoin operability was restored. It happened four times already.

And Bitcoin has not just survived.

In my days 10,000 BTC are worth a small planet which can be inhabited after some adaptations. This money will be enough to transport all necessary equipment and settle a colony of several billion people.

Those who live in my days, in 2721, can’t believe that 1 BTC has been worth $ 0,01 or $ 1,000. As recently as yesterday, June, 11, 2721, the Interplanetary Cryptocurrency Congress declared the new Bitcoin maximum. The dollar as a currency doesn’t exist. But the dollars used in your days translate into 1BTC equal to about $ 23,000,000,000,000,00.00. And there are only 8 million coins in circulation in the explored part of the Universe. The rest has gone west in the wallets which couldn’t be restored.

But let’s make it back in ages past and gone. 700 years ago no more than 2% of the Earth’s population knew about such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin. It took long years for Bitcoin to be referred to as a general currency. Now investors and financial analytics predicted approaching decline of the cryptocurrency, then they forecasted its skyrocketing. Now the government indicated support of cryptocurrencies, then it prohibited them, as a result the currency rate went sky-high and then dipped over a month.

It is known that the Fourth World War of 2096 has become a crucial point in Bitcoin evolvement. There was not a rood on the whole Earth to be unaffected by the war, and all world powers switched over to Bitcoin because of galloping inflation of national currencies.

As early as in 2103, after signing of an agreement on the All-Earth Union, Bitcoin payment service was accepted by all the three superstates: Americania, Eurania and UATC (the United Asian Territories of China).

After another 200 years, October, 9, 2307, the people of Earth finally reached an agreement with the people of Alpha Centauri on establishment of the unified payment system, Bitcoin. Some chroniclers still celebrate this day as the Great Interplanetery Day of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gives ordinary folks a chance to shift off the financial burden placed by the banking sector and government authorities. No wonder that on certain planets the Current Era was traditionally counted from 2009 when bitcoins were invented. After all people finally can have personal money which cannot be taken away, debased or tied up.

Banking system ceased to exist as early as 2160, after during the all-Earth referendum 87.05% of population voted for a universal language and a universal currency. Bitcoin became the latter. You may not like it, but the universal language is Chinese. Nobody speaks English now, except for a dozen of linguist professors. Doctor Albert Oldman has helped me to translate this letter into ancient English. I hope it is intelligible.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about Bitcoin quotations which may be helpful for you to earn money, but we have no such data. Now the only thing we know for certain is that over time the amount of coins constantly reduced and the cost of Bitcoin skyrocketed.

And the world has drastically changed. You wouldn’t recognize cities and countries, if you travel into our days. You are not going to believe it, but we have no presidents. The social order is based on peer-to-peer system. Nobody obeys anybody, but everybody keeps in with the pre-agreed laws and rules. And these can be altered only with the consent of the majority. But the majority is fully satisfied. Everyone actually has equal rights and possibilities. However people’s life is different because there are still many lazybones and loafers, may be even more than in your days.

We preserved little of what you have had in your times. You know, Bitcoin is the universal currency. And Bitstrong group is one of a few companies which still exist in 2721. Our business history is in close relation with troubles and problems Bitcoin has faced.

Nowdays Bitstrong is a large corporation providing services for financial networks. There are no such banks and exchanges as you know them. And this is only a benefit for the vast majority. The truth is that banks and exchanges have never produced anything, but cashed on financial flows. Nowadays few know such words as “bank” or “exchange”, but I guess that 700 years ago these structures were essential for human community evolution.

In these days our corporation is known far beyond the Earth. And Bitstrong is proud that it has been in business since 2016. We boast that we have seen the onset of Bitcoin. But few know that our Exchange has been founded as an organized group of ordinary cryptocurrency traders.

The key to our success on the world market is the capacity to take a look into the future and forecast trends and tendencies.

If you believe in freedom and equal financial opportunities for everybody, I invite you to the future. Let’s make history together!

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